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Crystal Energies


Day and also evening workshops to bathe in the energies of crystals in alignment with the phase of the moon.

We will be using crystals to help us release any excess energy build up we may be feeling, support the chakras, and create some helpful affirmations to steady and keep us on track with our intentions.

These will be held as near or on the New Moon and Full Moon phases.

Next workshops :

Tuesday 26th July 7pm to 9pm - £15 (New Moon)

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Moon Energies

Watercolor illustration: various moon phases isolated on white background. Hand painted modern space design.

The ocean's tides rise and fall in time with the moon's phases.  Adult human bodies are made up of 60% water, therefore there is a strong possibility that this can have a notable affect on our moods, behaviour, and sleep patterns.  Our one day workshop will support you to gain greater insight into how the phases of the moon affect you.

We will be connecting with the energies of various crystals to deepen our self awareness, whilst tuning in to our natural rhythms with the moon's cycle.  We will be looking at different elements including; discovering your natal moon sign and phase, the best time to make changes, creating crystal grids, and relaxation techniques.

Next Workshop : Full day Saturday 23rd July 2022 10am to 4pm

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Reiki Share


For those that have been introduced to the First Degree of Reiki this evening offers you time to be with like minded people where you can practice and share experiences.

Depending on numbers, you may experience receiving a treatment from multiple people at the same time - an amazing experience!

And of course - the moon phase will be discussed and how we can connect to our own natural rhythms for health.

Next workshops :

Thursday 28th July - 10am to midday - £15

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New and exciting one day workshops.

Saturday 13th August 2022  Shungite Surprise

On this one day workshop you will experience the properties of Shungite as your create your own pendants, experience a Shungite & Essential Oil Foots Spa and learn about its many therapeutic properties.

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