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A bit about me!

It seems like crystals and energy healing have always been part of my life.  From a very young age I was fascinated with crystals.  I loved the colours,  shapes and the way they sparkled.  Looking back it was possibly around this time that I also discovered energy healing.  I always had an ability to connect with other people’s energy, albeit often to my own detriment.

Around 17 years ago, about the time my first child was born, I decided it was about time to look into this energy ‘thing’ in more detail and learn how to channel and focus it. I became a Reiki Master in 2008.  it has not only been life-changing but is a fascinating ongoing practice.

A few years later I was lucky enough to discover Lauren D'Silva (Touchstones Therapies) where I completed a two year Crystal Diploma Course.  This opened my mind to even more amazing crystals and their energies.  I also learned how they can support our spiritual and personal development, and also gained a life-long friend and mentor.

For the past few years I have been connecting with the moon energy too.  I completed my Moon Guide Facilitator training with April McMurtry  in 2021.  I now combine these teachings into my therapies and and workshops, further promoting connection to our natural cycles and rhythms.


Angela Meakin

Therapist / Trainer

A bit about some of my favourite crystals ...

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Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is one of my go to crystals.  It was the first crystal I began my journey with, all those years ago as a young child!  I used to place it under the pillow to help me feel safe at bed time.  Its calming and tranquil energies can offer you a rested mind especially in times when there seems far too much going on! 

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Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite has been my ally during this lunar month (April - May).  I felt quite unsteady with what has been happening in the world.  Pyrite helps me digest/transform some of the harshness we witness and leaves me with a sense of deep knowing that through intentional prayer/healing I can be part of the positive change so needed.  

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Lunar Cycles

The moon reminds me to check in with my emotions and feelings.  The reset of the New Moon fills me with hope as the cycle begins again.  The quarter days reminds me of Hecate standing at the crossroads - which way are you going to go?  Push forward out of your comfort zone or stay with what you know!  The full moon - well, I wish I had realised as a teenager just how it easily influences me!  A time for me to buckle down and use some strong grounding crystals!

Sacred Geometry and Boo symbol set. Ayurveda sign of harmony and balance. Tattoo design, yoga logo. poster, t-shirt textile. Colorful rainbow gradient over black.

Daily Self Care

I do practice what I preach - whether I have 10 minutes or an hour, I manage the time for daily self focus.  This is something I feel passionate about - if you haven't the time to "set up the scene", sitting with a crystal for 10 minutes focusing on  breath work can really help with your self care.  If you don't have 10 minutes, try for 5 minutes!  Mornings is the best time for me - before the house wakes up!

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